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Who we are

We’re here
to help you
write your own rules.

write your own rules.

ARRAY is an independent growth consultancy. We partner with ambitious founders and leaders to grow and evolve companies on their own terms.


We make
things happen.

ARRAY offers strategic guidance and hands-on support to build thriving companies. We help leaders navigate business challenges and opportunities in order to realize the totality of your vision.

who we do it for

We’re forvalues-drivengo-getters.

ARRAY partners with founders passionate about growing businesses built on their own values and beliefs. We’ve got a lot of heart and a lot of big ideas, and the founders we work with do, too.

why we do it

Because we believe
there's more than
one way to look at things

(and that things should
look more than one way).

Because we believe there’s more than one way
to look at things

(and that things
should look more
than one way).

There are a lot of ways to grow a healthy, fulfilling businessand a lot more faces and stories of success than the ones we’re used to seeing. We’re here to support and amplify more of those leaders and their companies. To help founders write their own rules. 

why "array"?

Good things
happen alone, better things
happen together.

Good things
happen alone,
better things
happen together.

Our name is based on our founder’s childhood obsession with the Very Large Array, an observatory in the central New Mexico plains. The VLA is a collection of 27 huge radio antennas that helped change the way we all understand black holes, young stars, and our broader galaxy. The Very Large Array harnesses the collective strength of individually powerful antennas to go further, see deeper, and unlock greater understanding of the universe.

who is alexandra?

Founding Principal


Alexandra Lee-Capps has a deep passion for building companies and organizations that are in it for the long haul. As founder of ARRAY, she puts her and her team's expertise to work to help founders and leaders grow their companies on their own terms.

Prior to founding ARRAY, Alexandra led growth and business development for Redscout, a global strategy and design consultancy, where she brokered relationships with iconic brands including General Mills, BMW/MINI, and The Gap, as well as disruptive upstarts including Milk Bar, Peloton, and Vox Media.

Previously, Alexandra ran digital strategy for Doctors Without Borders in Switzerland where she worked with a global team of doctors, policy experts, and civil society activists to improve access to essential medicines. Her work focused on building new digital tools and platforms for MSF and launching global campaigns that engaged tens of thousands of individuals in more than 20 countries and in 10 languages.
lAlexandra began her career in fundraising and community development, helping nonprofit organizations deeply consider their role in the community and build devoted networks of supporters to fund their work. This included roles with the Royal Opera House, Phillips Brooks House Association, and numerous education non-profit organizations.

She currently serves as an advisor to: Aviro, a South African design company working to improve experiences in the healthcare industry; Chorus Meditation, a community-centric meditation company; and Raise for Good, an impact consultancy at the intersection of social good and tech.

Alexandra spends her free time surfing early morning waves in Bolinas and searching for the perfect bowl of pho. She holds a degree from Wellesley College in political science.